Military Connected Families

Elmore County Public 学校 (ECPS) is proud to serve the many military families.  ECPS is committed to providing support, resources and enriching programs to enhance their educational experiences and support their families.

ECPS currently has fifteen schools and continues to expand programs to challenge and engage students to prepare them for their future endeavors. The system strives to provide a safe environment to support students’ mental and physical well-being, and we continually strive to grow and develop academic programs in all areas. The expansion of co-curricular and extracurricular programs and facilities is a priority to meet the needs of the local schools and the passions of the students participating. 

Extracurricular activities are the true passion of many students, and Elmore County continues to expand and develop these opportunities. Athletics and fine arts are vital components of school life, and we enjoy strong community support for these activities. Coordinated efforts with municipalities, the Elmore County Commission, and other Elmore County organizations have allowed schools to plan and use new facilities in all communities. Students’ passions are most evident in the extracurricular activities they choose, and we are committed to fostering opportunities for students to explore their interests and potentially discover their life-long passions. 

Elmore County 学校 strives to provide a high-quality academic program accompanied by a wide variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities and supported by resources and services to meet the physical and emotional needs of each student.  Please take the time to visit the different school websites to learn more about our programs and services.

This section of our district website is designed to provide information to military families that are reside or are relocating to the area and may have questions.  除了, it has links to additional resources and contact information for our military point of contacts for our schools.  These individuals can provide additional assistance to our military families.

In Elmore County, our belief is Every Student Empowered, Every Student Succeeds........including our military-connected students.
夫人. Tremeca杰克逊 is the district's military liaison.  Having been a military child for 18 years, she understands the challenges and sacrifices of the military families.  Please contact her with any questions or concerns you may have.

Senior Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum/District Military Liaison



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Military Connected Students


Elmore County 学校 Honored

The Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award


航空大学, Maxwell win prestigious award in education excellence for military-connected children

Elmore County 学校 expands military-connected children's access to high- quality educational opportunities.


Month of the Military Family

November is a time, by tradition, for family celebrations. It is also a month that we set aside time to honor the military family - a time to recognize their sacrifices and celebrate their successes. During Military Family Month, we thank military families for the tremendous contribution they make in support of our service members, the military mission and the nation. Military life imposes unique demands on them, and during these difficult times, they have exhibited exceptional sacrifice, 韧性和勇气.

Families provide our Service members with invaluable encouragement and love, and manage the home front while their loved ones are deployed. As we approach the winter holiday season when families across the world come together, we pay special tribute to our deployed forces and their families, who are separated this holiday season. The dedication and strength of military families during a sustained high operational tempo, increased deployment and long separations is an inspiration to us all. The nation understands that families also serve, and is honored to pay tribute to them.